Monday, February 27, 2006

weeeee!!! i got discount pa from tita garvey :) but malvin and i are discussing the price of the cake. it's still over our budget. hmmm...oh well...we're going naman this weekend to the bridal fair at nbc tent so sana we could get someone cheaper. actually cheap naman na yung kay tita garvey eh, yummy pa. i especially liked her white chocolate cake. decisions...decisions...decisions..... :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

we went to tita garvey's cake today. i looovveee their cupcake tree. and tita garvey and tito fred are so nice to talk to. ang bait and makwento. you can feel from talking to them na you're gonna be well taken care of sa wedding cake mo. yummy yung white choco cake nila. but over budget kami sa cake :( hay... i'm still asking for discount pero i dont know kung bibigyan me discount :) hehehe...oh well..bahala na. medyo over over over budget na kami ni malvin with the expenses eh. hmmm.... pero ok na cya kasi considering the cost for the souvenirs pa and the gifts for ninongs and ninangs. sige...isip pa ulit muna :)

Friday, February 24, 2006


i'm so happy with melissa ferrer - emcee. she's so mabait. i heard from w@w that she's good at her field so happy na me coz i got her. tsaka kasi kahit kulit kulitin ko cya ok lang sa kanya tapos pinagbigyan pa nya me request ko sa kanya :) thank you melissa :)
then the next naman is my make-up artist. i got na tonnette chua. he was the one who made up my SIL on her wedding and according to her sobra hindi nagmelt yung makeup. till the reception, she didnt need to retouch pa kasi ok padin yung makeup. tapos we got pa him at a discounted rate ;) sooo happy.
then i called joanna garcia for the gown. i just need to look for my design tapos gagayahin nalang nila. sobra ganda nila gawa. pulido. bait pa nya. very accommodating. sana maging ok transaction namin. she told me to have my measurements and my entourages' by the end of july para may ample time pa sa mga adjustments with the gowns. hehehe..i told her up to now wala pa nga me entourage eh. haahahha....oh well.. madali na yun.
then i called ate thelma of intimate digital photography. ang kwela nya tlga kausap. i got sobrang daming freebies from her. i even tried to ask for the same price sa ibang photographer with all her inclusions, eh wala makapagbigay. they all kept saying sobrang mura na daw yun kaya ibook ko na daw yung photographer na yun. although i must admit na hindi cya kasing galing ng mga well known photographer pero pwede na din. i saw naman the shots taken by her photograher and layout artist maganda naman :)
about the cakes, dapat sa auntie na me ng SIL ko magpapagawa kaso lang she's a little bit steep. i called ms. garvey of garvey's cake para to ask for her cupcake tree since mura lang daw sa knya. parang 27/each ata. pero i still have to see pa. i'm going there tom.
the sound system naman, francis of enigma is so prompt in answering my questions. tapos madalas panakaonline kaya madali mahanap.we wont be getting strings na kasi since one of my goodfriend's brother will be playing for my wedding march and 1st dance for free!!! wheeee! i also heard good feedbacks with enigma from w@w. then ok pa sa price. although i am trying to get a little discount pero he wont budge eh. hahaha..talo ako sa tawaran..oh well....i might still get him pero maghahanap muna me ng iba :)
so far yung palang yung mga nagawa ko ... so many things to do pa!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


my eyes hurt from looking at the monitor the whole day. still looking for suppliers. so far, i already booked the church and the reception. i have someone in mind for the gowns, flowers, photographer/videographer, invitation and emcee. i still have to look for sound system and hmmm...what else? nakakaloka!! :) but fun..
i went to QCEC today to talk to pastor dennis, nirerenovate pala yung church para daw sa anniversary ng church sa july :) yehey..bago paint for my wedding :)
i started my gym today at slimmers caloocan. feeling ko tommorrow sobra sakit ng katawan ko. natatawa ako kasi i remember after my treadmill for 25 mins, nung bumaba ako feeling ko lumulutang ako. hahaha...feeling ko nga matatapilok ako eh.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


for the church, malvin's first choice was cbcp but it was booked on sept. 24, thats is why we changed it to october 07. but after looking at qcec (quezon city evangelical church), i decided to have our wedding there na lang. it has a high ceiling with small chandeliers. although it looks old, but its much more cozy. then for the reception..hay...nakakaloka maghanap. parang we went to all the venues you can think of!!! our choices were plaza ibarra, holiday inn galleria suite, wack wack golf and country and annapolis seafood in greenhills. i want kasi lauriat but malvin wants buffet...hay...decisions, decisions :) yung other garden venues ok sana but october is a rainy month so baka bigla maging swimming party ang wedding namin! plaza ibarra is ok, high ceiling but its kinda small...ewan basta parang for me odd yung laki ng space sa taas ng ceiling. holiday inn naman its ok din kaso buffet cya but its ok pero hehehe..alam ng honey ko kung bakit bigla ayaw ko dun :) kasi i saw a ceremony dun nung pumunta kami tapos bigla ako na turn off sa place. wack wack naman, twice kami nakapunta dun, we want to get nga the banquet pero booked na for my date. nakapareserve me for pavillion b kaso the 2nd time kami pumunta, i still didnt know na may daan sa likod pa na mas maganda. we went through the entrance for the pool kasi medyo hindi namin nagustuhan yung entrance but by the time na tumawag ulit me there to ask about the entrance for the pavillion, meron pala sa likod na mas maganda entrance. we were supposed to visit again that weekend to see nga the entrance kaso nung tues (feb 12,2006) miss agnes called me up to tell me that someone is interested in getting the pavillion at our same date. i told her to call me again if ever sure na get nila yung venue, kasi nga i might get it pag punta namin sa sat. she didnt call me na so kala ko hindi na get. i called ng feb 14, ayun, nabura na daw me kasi nagdown na yung couple na pumunta :( sayang. oh well.. not meant to be. annapolis naman, its simple lang. good food naman. kaso parang sobrang resto nga yung lugar. wala kami plan to get anyplace in manila kasi nga nakaset mind namin somewhere in ortigas or mas malapit sa church. i've heard from fellow w@wies good feedbacks sa century seafood. then they said pa na i could get the food from century resto and have my reception in the hotel. so i said to malvin since i want a lauriat baka pwede dun. so we checked it out last feb 14. jeoffrey so of century hotel was accommodating naman and he showed us the function rooms. the main ballroom is booked already so kachina room lang ang available. actually pwede sa main function room ng century seafood kaso lahat ng lugar daw sa resto is booked na din. kachina naman is okay. ganda naman ng place, maliit nga lang. so the next day, i went back to give the downpayment kasi baka maunahan na naman kami noh. so at least the 2 most important arrangement sa wedding eh okay na ;) nakakaloka magprepare!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006



of course the 1st romantic thing will be my wedding day :) fiance and i have been together for almost 5 yrs now. we have been going to bridal fairs for almost 3 yrs. (hahaha...) i remember telling him that he can't surpise me about those stuffs anymore especially his proposal because i already figured him out. wrong was i...every dec, my sister-in-law and i usually join tiangge's. so that day, nov 19,2005 we had a tiangge at valle verde 6. a week before, my fiance told me that we will be going to his boss birthday party on the same date so what we decided is he will fetch there then i'll just freshen up at his condo in makati then go straight to the party. so he got to valle at around 3pm. bagong gupit. hehehe...we left around 6 coz i have to go to the parlor pa and the party is at 7pm. so when we got to makati, i went to the parlor first then he went to his condo to change. aroung 7pm i'm still in the parlor so i called him up to ask if its still ok coz we might be late na. he said its ok naman and just to call him up if im finish na so he can fetch me. the parlor naman is near lang the condo so i just walked. when i get to the condo he's not there. so i freshen up na, change clothes and put on makeup. sympre kailangan pretty ang lola :) . when he got to the condo, aba nakabagong polo at shoes ang lolo mo. :D he said he called up his friend na on the way din naman kami so daanan nalang daw kami. so we waited for his call for us to go down na. sobrang wala me idea. then while we were waiting he hold my hand and ask me if i'm really sure that i'm going to spend my life with him, na ganito lang buhay namin, no money...hahaha and i said ofcourse i am. kahit sa barong barong pa kami tumira :D so when the cell beeped, nagprepare na kami to go down. i didnt see him press the up button of the elevator kasi i was busy looking at myself in the mirror...(napakavain :)) i was wondering why the elevator went to up, i said maybe may sasakay pa so when the elevetor door opened, i was shocked to see we're on the rooftop with candles, rose petals ang balloons scattered on the floor and pool!!!!! i remember saying "ay dito ba yung party?" hahaha...sobrang wala tlga akong idea! then when we're walking towards the door i saw only 2 chairs with matching petals balloon and candles ulit tapos bigla may tumogtog na mga violin *how did you know* theme song namin. waaa....napahinto ako, hindi me nakapasok sa room. then he went to my side and kneel!!!!! then he said that we've been together for so long and i've patiently waited for him (oo nga..hahaha) so yun, he asked me if i'll marry him. i kept asking him "seryoso ka?" hahha...what an answer noh! so ayun i said yes din then we hugged. hay...sobra romantic. i cant eat much kasi i kept on crying...hahaha...sobrang hindi ako makapaniwala!!! hayyyy......hehehe......sad lang me kasi sa sobra nila asikaso lahat (his good friends from citibank cbs helped him...thanks so much guys!!) he forgot to bring a cam...hahaha..oh's forever naman engraved in my heart and mind. then nakakatuwa pa ksi pala every sat ata sa glorietta may fireworks. so tamang tama diba. although the building is not facing the fireworks eh may building naman sa side na mirror ang walls so nakikita namin. hahaha...inaankin na din nya na cya ang nagprepare nun :) hay...sobra romantic...up to now hindi ko pa din makalimutan every detail..obvious ba? hahahah..hay.... :D sarap feeling !

i'm a very impatient person. we'll kinda :)....sometimes i want to get the answer from God when He is telling me to wait a while coz it's not yet time.......
for those who are close to malvin and me, they know our problem and it's a very big burden to carry. since the first few months we've been together, we've been lifting up our "problem" to the Lord. thankfully, somehow, slowly, the Lord is making a way for making things possible :)
a few months ago, i was reading this book titled " Well, did you get what you prayed for?" by nancy jo sullivan and jane kise. on page 20, there is a short story by evelyn d. hamann titled "one circle at a time". This is a story of evelyn, after having 2 sons, she and her husband wants to have another child but instead she had 2 miscarriages. this was very depressing for her. after sometime, she found out she was pregnant and was full of fear that she might have another miscarriage again because the doctor told her, her hormone levels were low.
while attending a worship service, one of the woman of the group began talking about the children of Jericho. "God commanded the people of Israel to march around the wall of Jericho once a day for six days. on the seventh day, they were to do it seven times in total silence. Jericho was a large city, and their march would have taken them the better part of a day. they had plenty of time to think as they walked. Perhaps they thought about how much this command didn't make sense. but they knew God, they trusted Him, and they obeyed and walked it one circle at a time." she prayed that the Lord help her to take one circle at a time. for her to trust the Lord that everything would be ok.
the next morning, she found out from the doctor that her condition improved. she said to herself "does this mean Lord that i get to keep this child?" one circle at a time. "okay Lord, I can do that."
the next few days she continued her morning with prayer and saying to the Lord, " yes Lord, i can do it. One circle at a time." but for some reason, God has another plan for her and the baby. she lost the baby again but somehow, its not as hard for her. it's been several years since that miscarriage but she haven't forgotten its lessons. "God knows what tomorrow hold. And daily prayer can helps us trust Him "one circle at a time".
this story really helped me a lot for this past few months. whenever i get impatient with things i say to myself, "one circle at a time, one day at a time". it's like you just have to take things as it comes. dont dwell on the past and stop thinking too far on your future. trust that the Lord has your hand and He wont let anything happen to you. you are His child and as a Father, He will give everything that will be good for you. He knows when the right time is, so be patient and trust Him. talk to Him everyday....he always listens....