Thursday, October 30, 2008

big boy!

my baby is all grown up =( he's 10 months old but he looks like a big boy already =D love you baby =D


having second thought of our venue at mmldc for caden's birthday. it's a little far from everybody. still looking for venues but since it's december, most venues are already booked. oh noh!!! i will try again tom to call some other venues. so sad...should have prepared earlier. i forgot december is the busiest month. worst comes to worst, i'm already pencil booked at kamayan (edsa, glorietta and megamall) so i can still have somewhere to fall back on if ever i couldn't find a clubhouse for the party.
so far i paid the downpayment for the magician (symond) and the tatoo ( art n' faces) they have a promo of face painting/glitter tatoo/nail art for only 3500.00 =D
i just hope i can make some progress tomorrow =D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween party at citibank

yesterday was the halloween party of citibank. malvin was "pho" of kung fu panda. they were great! it has a story line and the whole cast dance to the tune of kung fu fighting.
it's just now that i remembered, we should have ask them if we could get all the decorations after the show so we could use it as a decoration for the birthday party of caden. (stupid! grrrr)
caden's costume was sent over by his be-ko cha from hongkong. it's so cute. his dad is big pho and he is little pho =D hihihi.. he was scared when his dad put on the mask. even if malvin kept on calling him so he would recognize the voice, he still got scared.

Friday, October 24, 2008

caden can decide on his own =D

on the way to get the costume of caden, malvin and i were talking where we would celebrate the 1 year old birthday of caden. if at dads/saisaki or at mmldc. i asked caden where he wants, if saisaki or mmldc, then he somewhat said, mmldc. malvin and i laughed! i asked again, and again, he said in a babbled sound, mmldc =)) at 10 months old, he can decide on his own =)) so mmldc it is ! =)) hahaha...

Monday, October 20, 2008

short story at singapore trip

still here in singapore =D just waiting to board on our plane going back to manila. our flight is at 9:40am. have sooo many pictures and stories =D hahaha... my most memorable experience here in singapore was the night safari. i know it's boring but they have a halloween theme now so we didn't get the chance to go on the trails because there were sooo many people who would scare us. anywhere you turn, there are either a half bloody body hanging in the trees or a vine near a tree that would suddenly move when you pass by it. just after crossing the bridge, we head back to the entrance =)) so lame =)) malvin and i were really scared! it's been ages since i went in a somewhat horror train that would scare people inside. i'm not young anymore!!!
i really had a great time here in singapore. timothy (friend of malvin) was so accommodating. we bunked with him for 5 days! his place was so nice. it's on the 11th floor and overlooking the ocean.
will blog more stories when i get back to manila.
drop by again for pictures and more stories =D

Monday, October 13, 2008

caden's first word

caden has been babbling this couple of weeks now and last week, he said mama!! i was so happy! hihihi..then this morning while he was playing in his playpen, he said pa-pa-pa-papa! hahaha...i bet malvin will be so happy when he hears that. baby is so big already =D

Thursday, October 09, 2008

pitiful andador

that's how heavy my baby is =)) he keeps on jumping in his walker. look at the walker...looks so pitiful. his grandma bought him an ashworthy walker. he likes using it but like all walker, he's knees lacks strength since all he has to do is push a little and he moves. hahaha...he used the rattan walker (andador) for just 1 day and i can see the difference. he uses his knees to stand and walk. now, i just hold one of his arm and he can walk by himself.

ranting dsl

huhuhu...i have no internet. i don't know what's wrong with my pldt. there's no dial tone. malvin tried to call from his office but he said our phone just keeps on ringing. i'm now using my smart line phone as a modem so i can use the internet. it's a little slower than dsl but at least i can surf. =D hmmm... caden is sleeping right now so nothing to do but blog.

updates on caden's birthday party. ..

date: dec 7, 2008
time: 11 am
venue: mmldc
theme: cars / kung fu panda / madagascar (haven't decided yet)

still have sooo many things to plan ....

i miss my canon digicam !!!

dang...i miss my canon digicam. it's the first cam that i bought with my own money. i already sold it coz malvin bought me a sony digicam . it's so confusing to use!!!! grrrrrr.... my shots kept on turning out blurred !!! with my old canon cam, i just point and shoot. even if my subject is moving, the picture still turns out great!! waahh...anyone know's how to use a sony cybershot? arggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

brazil...2nd year anniversary

went to eat at brazil (serendra) at the fort yesterday to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary. it's so hard to eat all you can with a baby or without a yaya. since we have to savor each food, caden got bored and kept on fidgeting. he kept on smiling with all the waiters and cooks there.
the food was ok. the service was very good. i loved their fruit salad, chocolate cake, pasta, ribs and their franks. actually, there's nothing special with the taste of the food that you would want to go back again. =D there were grilled franks, ribs, beefs, chicken and more.... i think i ate too much coz i woke up in the middle of the night and threw up! i felt sooo dizzy and thought there must be something wrong with the food that we ate! until morning, i'm still full!

Monday, October 06, 2008

still no venue =(

hayyy..still waiting for the confirmation of the venue (mmldc) from ms sheryl. she was supposed to get in touch with me last week. (sad)
hmmmm...i'm still deciding if we will be getting symond or ruther. symond is much cheaper and i heard he's also very good. ruther on the other hand, is being referred by his co-magicians. i think i asked 3 magicians already. but he's much more expensive =( hayyy... what to do..what to do....

Sunday, October 05, 2008

2 days to go before our 2nd wedding anniv !!

oh my !! 2 days to go before our 2nd year wedding anniversary. hmmm....i don't think we planned anything special =D since it's a work day, i guess we will just have a family dinner date. we have to bring caden with us =D hehehe... hmmm..where should we eat? it's been so long since we had a date. can't wait for tuesday to come !!