Thursday, August 31, 2006

i finished my missalette. well actually the front cover :) but i also finished the program. i just have to let ate josie of ellinwood approve the changes :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

finished doing the lighters :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

we went to the florist yesterday. i already payed the down payment. at least less one thing to worry about :) my bouquet will be a 20pcs orange tulip with berries :). then we went to divisoria. i showed malvin a pina barong that is embroidered all over (front). it's more expensive than the 1st one but it's much formal looking so ok na din :)) like they said...once in a lifetime lang naman :) then i bought also the big match stick as our lighter for the candles. i still have to make an arte design for the match :) will post finish product.

there are so many pictures to choose from....nakakalito!!! :)) there are so many good shots but most of the pictures from baywalk are not nice especially the sunset shots 'coz the wind kept on blowing my hair :( !! hehehe...i look like a witch :)) oh well...there are still some nice shots so ok na din :) hehehe..check it out :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

it's been raining all week! it's a good thing the Lord heard our prayer and it didnt rain yesterday. hayyy :) we had our prenup yesterday. i first had my trial makeup with tonette chua then we went to fetch kuya vice of aveseqe production and the photographer. we had lots of fun but it's very tiring :) we had our shoot at the kiddie zoo in manila zoo and the ever famous baywalk :)) feeling celebrity kami!!! :)) we really enjoyed our prenup pictorial. i'm going to get the raw shots today...cross fingers!!! :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

we're going to have our prenup this coming thrs :) i can't wait. we bought the polo yesterday at sm...still don't know what other color we should wear for the casual look :)

these are the cloths for our ninangs and ninongs :)

at long last...i finished the feather pens...have to start on my questionnaires :)

we went to subic last sat (mommy malvin, shobe cha, malvin and friends of syobe cha). there are lots of monkeys roaming around the streets of subic. the picture of the monkey was taken by cha. wawa...alone cya :) on the right are bats. we had lots of fun...sobra wacky ni aunty cathy :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

this is malvin's barong. it's made of pina but it's not rya. all the rya kasi that i saw was the typical design of flower burda eh :( (pang matanda..hihihi)

my mom fitted her gown last weds :) bilis noh! :) the gown was ok. i was a little worried coz of the shade of the cloth. it's ok but the color is dull. but jun said not to worry coz he will still put beadworks on it. i told my mom to slim down a little...taba na nya eh :))

Monday, August 14, 2006

the other day(sat) my mom had her gown measurement. we also went to unifair at binondo. we saw a highschool friend of ours, who's also going to get married on the 7th of october. hehehe..good day tlga :D we choose a loose invitation. with a red wrap and a red double happiness chinese word on top. we're hoping to get it before the end of aug or first week of sept. then yesterday(sun), we spend the whole day going to our godparent's houses. we gave them our gifts and talk. they are all very kwela. hehehe... oh my gosh....less than 2 months to go!!!!!!!! (panic!!!!!!)

things to do:

  • choose wedding songs
  • pre nup pictures
  • unity candle
  • misselette
  • questionnaires
  • gifts for godparents
  • gifts for entourage
  • still make kulit to my ento about their fitting
  • finalize flowers
  • finalize food for reception
  • book hotel preparations
  • get marraige license

parang dumami ah!!!!! wahhhhhhhh :((

Friday, August 11, 2006

i went to divisoria 3 days straight :D malvin went with me to pick the design for his barong and we also bought cloths for ninangs and barongs and pants for ninongs. the next day, i went there with my mom to buy the pigs feet, misua and fruit cocktain from our godparents. well, actually the reason why i went again on the third day is because i forgot to buy the basket, ribbon and cover for the gifts...hehehe... then we went to ongpin to buy the box for the cloths. pagod!!! then we went to the friend of my mom who sells ring. i really like this certain ring but malvin said it doesn't look like a wedding ring. hmmm... so i have to go for the other one :))

we're going to have 2 rings. One ring will be given by my MIL and the other one. we will buy lang for everyday use.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

i just got back from jun ricaforte. i love my gown!!!!! although it still needs some alteration in the side and back, beads and the front design, maganda pa din :) i'm trying to slim down kasi so i guess that's why the gown is so big na for me. (do you see the excess cloth at the back?) when i had my measurement a few months before medyo plumped pa me nun :)) i was also so happy with the train. the gown was only 45 width but the mananahi of jun was able to make it a long train. i was a little worried with the train before but! its not super haba but just right :) while i was fitting the gown, my friend (micko) and i kept saying to each other...grabe totoo na to! hahaha......

to see the other pictures of my gown... pls. go to my link at:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i slept really late last night :) i finished the 20pcs feather pen and the fan for the ninangs :)
last sat, we went to the bridal fair at megamall. it's a good thing streetline has a booth there. malvin and i are still discussing either to get the limousine mb or the bubble eye mb. lileth told me if we're going to get the bubble eye, she might not be able to give me the discount because the car is not theirs. but since malvin wants the bubble eye because it's much newer, i made kulit to lileth and i got it at the discounted rate. Yehey!! i gave the downpayment so i wont go to antipolo anymore :)
oh my!!! just 66 more days!!! so near!!!!!! still have so many things to do!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!(panic mode)......

things to do:

  • pre-nup pictures/trial make up
  • 1st fitting of gown (later) :D
  • buy cloth for ninang/barong and cloth for ninong
  • buy pigs feet and fruits for ninangs and ninongs
  • buy gifts for ninong/ninang finish questionnaires for guests
  • pick songs
  • make kulit with entourage about their gown fitting
  • misalette
  • invites