Saturday, June 24, 2006

i sooooooooo love jun ricaforte :) as i said, i'm really on a tight budget but he still accommodated me with my price :D i went there this morning to give him the lace that i bought. actually, i'm a little worried that my gown would look dark cream but jun assured me that it would be ok coz he would use a shade that's a little lighter and he said that the lace was beautiful (bola!) hihihi...but it is a nice lace. it's a spanish offwhite lace. hihihihi...can't wait to see my gown :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i already paid the down payment for my gown with jun ricaforte. he's so bait and can really adjust to ur budget :) can't wait to see my gown :D

Sunday, June 18, 2006

these are the things that i booked already for my wedding :)

church: ellinwood malate, UCCP

reception: century park hotel (kachina room)

gown: jun ricaforte

photo/video: ritchie pingol

emcee: melissa ferrer

florist: Merielle's flowershop (dangwa)

sound system: enigma sound system

mua: tonette chua? or Angie ? (not yet sure)

bridal car: streetline

cake: swan bakeshop far yan palang :) long way to go!!!

indeed the Lord is full of surprises :) the one thing we've been praying for almost 5 years, has just been answered :) thank you Lord :)
i went again to divisoria last friday to buy curtain for the private room in our shop. the day before that, i was looking at the archive of w@w for cheaper barongs and i saw one from LMC at fiesta mall in divisoria. the post was that the price of pina silk raya barong is at 2k only and the cocoon is at 1500. so i went there and ask if the price is the same. said said it was! yehey. :) if the barong with labor, its +1000 (swarovski buttons). so they are much chaper that hi-co commercial. so i guess i might get from them nalang :) then i went to tabora to look for cloth for ninang. i saw this cloth (kanebo) in cream gold, and i said to myself, this is it! hehehe...the cloth is a little softer and thinner that shantung or star satin but it's much nicer :)
another kwento :) i called na streetline. i reserved their limousine mb and mb van for my wedding day and got discount!! yehey!!!
we went to megamall last sat june 10,2006 to book a bridal car. but since streetline was not there, we just look around the fair. we look into the work of nelwin uy and kenneth uy. both are ok but their packages are over our budget. but ritchie is as good as they are, so it's ok :) then we came about the booth of allegre. since malvin already booked us for cebu for our honeymoon and he really wants to stay at allegre i made kulit with the supervisor at the booth and she said if we book that day she will upgrade us to ocean view for free! i asked malvin if he really is decided to stay at allegre and when he said yes, i made more kulit with them :) i said that we will book today if she would upgrade us to ocean view with garden (that's 3K++/night free!) and she was a bit hesitant but she agreed din :) we saved around 7k+. yehey!

Friday, June 16, 2006

malvin said this song is for me :)

"When God Made You"

Written By: Eddie Carswell and Michael O'Brien

By Newsong (Featuring Natalie Grant)

(Verse 1)

Its always been a mystery to me

How two hearts can come together

And love can last forever

But now that I have found you, I believe

That a miracle has come

When God sends the perfect one

Now gone are all my questions about why

And Ive never been so sure of anything in my life


I wonder what God was thinking

When He created you

I wonder if He knew everything I would need

Because He made all my dreams come true

When God made you

He must have been thinking about me

(Verse 2)

I promise that wherever you may go

Wherever life may lead you

With all my heart Ill be there too

From this moment I want you to know

Ill let nothing come between us

And I will love the ones you love

Now gone are all my question about why

And Ive never been so sure of anything in my life

(Repeat Chorus)


He made the sun He made the moon

To harmonize in perfect tune

One cant move without the other

They just have to be together

And that is why I know its true

Youre for me and Im for you
Cause my world just cant be right

Without you in my life

(Repeat Chorus)


He mustve heard every prayer Ive been praying

Yes He knew everything I would need

When God made you

When dreams come true

When God made you

He mustve been thinking about me

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i've accomplished so many things this past few weeks :)..or feeling ko lang yun ....
we got na a photographer - ritchie pingol, which we got a very good price. they are very easy to talk to. the only drawback is they live all the way at alabang. oh well. we got free prenup, although it's just for 4 hours only, pwede na. we plan to shoot at father blanco's garden. the old walls will have a nice effect on the pictures :)
we also got our florist. - kuya ruel of marielle's flowershop in dangwa. he was the one who arranged the flower of noreen's wedding. he quoted me 4k for 30pcs of orange tulips and 3k for 20 pcs. pwede na diba :) and he really doesnt scrimp out on the flowers. sobra worth everypenny you paid him.
with the gown, i found my design na...yehey..after looking at all those bridal magazines...:) it's a lace with plain cloth in the front. the lace will be a corded lace with beads. we also canvass the cloths for ninangs and barongs for ninongs. i got a good price ate vivian for the barong... Hi Ico commercial sa ilaya. the pina silk rya is only 2800. plus labor 3.5k lang!! and the cocoon is 2k. with labor is 3k. pwede na diba ;)
and lastly...i have decided on our motif na!!! yehey!!! i want our ninangs to wear gold colored gowns so we choose burnt-orange(parang red orange) and light gold...yehey!!!!