Saturday, April 28, 2007


I don’t know where to start! God is truly a giving father!
I’ve been so down for this past few weeks. I was so sad that I always feel like crying. It never occurred to me that I might be pregnant since I am irregular and i thought that i just might be having my mood swings. I had an ultrasound last march 24 at medical city to see if I’m ovulating but even then the doctor didn’t see anything that suggests that I’m pregnant. So after that, I went on with my daily routine, walking, driving and I even went swimming...twice! makapit baby ko!

Last Monday, we went to mommy’s house. I slept all the way to cubao. While we were reading pugad baboy, i told malvin that i’m so sleepy, could it be that i’m pregnant? He smiled at the thought. He said he’s going to treat me to a steak if i am J suhol! Hahaha....but i told him not to keep his hopes up ‘coz we tested so many times if i'm pregnant and it was always negative. On the way home, i fell asleep again. Then malvin kept waking me up ‘coz at that time, we were looking for a new shop. We bought pregnancy kit from the pharmacy and waited for the next day to test it.

Tuesday morning came, i woke up with a weird dream. I dreamt that i was with a friend who is also testing with the pregnancy kit and she tested positive. When it was my turn, i woke up :D suspense! Anyways, i went to the bathroom then when i saw the first line, i said oh well, it’s negative again. Then when i looked at it again...oh my gosh!!!! A second line appeared! I looked at it real hard to check if it's real!!! Wow!!! All i said was “thank you Lord.” I run to malvin, who was at that time still sleeping and woke him up. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the 2 stripes! He had a big smile and hugged me real tight! Then we prayed.
Before we told the news, we had to make sure that it’s really positive so we went to makati medical center for a check up. The doctor said i should have an ultrasound to determine if there’s really a baby and how many weeks old. While i was at the ultrasound room, the doctor asked me if my husband was there with me and when i said yes, she told the nurse to call him. Then she let us see our baby!!! Ang cute!!! It’s so little! And i can see the heartbeat! Oh my gosh! Ang sarap ng feeling! Until now when i remember the heartbeat of my baby, it makes me smile. The baby was 6 weeks and 1 day old at that time (april 24, 2007) and the baby will come out on dec 17,2007. The doctor said the baby is fine, no problems, no cysts and no hemorrhage. Thank you LORD!