Friday, April 28, 2006

we just got back from dipolog last wed (april 26,2006). we had our vacation there for more than a week. every year my family gets together for my mom's birthday in dipolog. malvin followed via pal to dipolog to formally ask na my hand in marriage from my parents. hehehe...then me, malvin and my brother's family went to dakak for an overnight stay. sawa na kami to stay long there kasi every year nalang nasa dakak na kami and nothing changed naman :) sobra saya. my 2 elder brothers burried me and malvin sa sand. and they threw me in the pool (hindi me help ni malvin :(( hehehe....all in all... the vacation was super fun. puro tulog and kain lang kami the whole week!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

we just came from fontana clark yesterday with malvin, my brothers and their family and sisters neri (malvin's officemate) and nerissa. sobra saya! hehehe...ang gulo namin. buti nakatiis sila neri :) saya din nila kasama :) makulit din...memorable moment sa fontana is when me and malvin rode the slide. hahaha...wipeout kami! hihihi.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

i'm sooo happy. my ahya kasi lives in cabanatuan. he pm me and told me to go to the website of mtv levelup massive ( november 28,2005. episode 18. real life) kasi andun cya :) hehehe..ang kulit ng ahya ko dun. tapos i let him see my blogsite :) and my cake. sabi ko cya na sagot cake ko 13k. hehehe. sabi nya "ok". hehehe..yehey!!!! less gastos na me sa cake :D hahaha....tnx ahya :D..mwah!!!!!