Friday, October 13, 2006

it's been 5 days since our wedding and so far, everythings going smoothly :) although there are some rough spots but we thank the Lord that He's helping us go through with it. :)

hmmm..still have to make supplier ratings but so far from what i experience, if you really want a smooth and worry free wedding, you really have to get a coordinator or a friend who is not in the entourage and is very responsible. my sil helps me with the church and reception thingies but as usual, ever pakialam na naman me with the details :)) hayyyy.... the church ceremony went soooooooooo fast. hahaha. kasi pasaway isa secondary ko. late dumating. eh candle pa naman. (you owe me big time mare!!) she has to light kasi all the candles before the entourage can go inside. hehehe...tapos parang 30 mins lang yung wedding ;)) oh well, it's ok, it's a little hot pa inside so it's a good thing the ceremony was fast. my niece kept on walking beside us. hahaha...pampam tlga pamankin ko ;)). i remember while i was walking down the aisle, ate josie kept on shouting behind me..."ang bilis mo maglakad, dahan dahan lang." "bagalan mo konit" hahaha...natataranta tuloy paa ko :)) but honestly speaking, parang hindi ko masyado feel yung walking down the aisle ko. maybe it's because i kept on stepping on my veil..hahaha...or ate josie kept on shouting... or the bridal walk was the old tune..tan tan tantan...hahaha...but all in all, i was so happy to see malvin smiling in front of the altar :) ...that with all the problems and troubles, we still made it though. hayyy :) (kilig)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


3 days to go!!!!!!! hehehe...we had our seminar last saturday at ellinwood. we're a little sad coz the stain glass in the front was broken by the typhoon milenyo :( only 2 panels but still... :(( oh well.

yesterday, i went to swan bakeshop to pay my balance since, abe said to my sil that i have to pay the full amount before my wedding date. arnd 8:44am, i txted him as to how and where should i's how the txt conversation went:

lani: abe, leilani reyes here. can i dep d balance in d bnk?

abe: no, need cash payment.

lani: k, cash payment. di ba pwede sa act ng swan magdeposit ng cash payment? den color , ok na red nalang ribbon dn gold yung dot dot.

abe: mam, sa bakeshop yan dapat ibayad hindi sa catering.

lani: ok, san ba shop nyo sa qave?

abe: blumentrit, then tell them na rin ng color when u pay. thanks

lani: ah ok. wer in blumentrit?

abe: ....address ...swan bakeshop. pls give all instruction to gina of bakeshop.

lani: k tnx.

thats how the txt went. no biggie diba... so when i went to the blum shop and look for gina, she said she havent received the order form from abe. hello!!!! less than a week na lang kaya!!! I booked him last may pa!! anyways i showed her my receipt then she showed me the pictures of the cakes. then i asked her about the size coz abe told me he would give me the cake with an additional height. the cake is arnd 17" tall, he said he can make it to 22" tall. so ok na diba. when i told this to ate gina, she said the cake is really 22" high with flowers on top. eh hello again!!! what we had talked about was the height of the cake! not the height of the cake with the flowers!!!! arrrgghgh!!! nakakaloka! so i tried calling abe's cellphone. i tried calling him about 3 to 4 times but he doesnt answer, only to find out later the reason behind it. so i talked to malvin and said that the cake is too low. so we had to put an additional 2 layers and pay additional 3500. the base will be 18 inches in diameter and the height will be 30 inches. kainis!!! so i paid already the full amount and went on my way. oh i forgot, i ask ate gina if they will be the one to fix the cake in the hotel. she said, she would only deliver the cake and give it to the head waiter and the head waiter will be the one to fix the cake at the cake table!!!! what abe and i talked about was that they will be the one to fix the cake!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA..... grrrrrrrrrrr......anyways, i don't want to further stress myself so i just paid the balance and go! everything was ok...until this moring. my sil called abe to ask what happen with the cake and how come all the things that we talked about was not followed. THEN HE REASONED OUT AND SAID HE GOT OFFENDED COZ I WANT TO PAY DIRECTLY TO THE BAKESHOP!!! ha???where did he get that idea? HELLLOOOO!!!! kainis tlga!!!!!!!!!!!! i was willing to let it all go sana yesterday even if what we talked about didn't follow through but for him to accuse me that i offended him!!!!arrrghh!!!...rating ko sa kanila (--100000000000000000)...grrrrrrrr...