Wednesday, January 06, 2010

so proud of my baby! 2yrs 1 month

so proud of my baby today! =) my brother gave him ice cream and after one mouthful, i told my brother to stop but since he saw the my son was loving it, he kept on giving it to him. i told caden to stop eating. while my brother was giving him the ice cream, i told caden not to eat it or i will get angry and spank him. and you know what caden did? ... he pushed my brother's hand away from him. hahaha... my brother was so amused by what my son did that he tried to give him again and caden still did the same thing. i'm so proud of my son! but i saw how sad caden was to not be able to eat the ice cream, so kawawa (pitiful) his face =( . but then again. i'm proud of him for listening to his mommy =) hope he will always listen to me even when he grows up =)