Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i went to jun ricaforte's shop last sunday. he showed me the sketch of my wedding gown that will be published in the philippine star this coming sunday. can't wait to see it :)
12 days to go!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! hehehe... i already got our signature book last sat. the pictures and layout we're really nice...but i'm a little sad :( hayyy....i was the one who requested for the black leather for the book cover. pangit pala :)) oh well..it's a good thing there's this white cover that came with the book. so i just have to decorate it a little then pwede na! :) hihihihi...

Friday, September 22, 2006

we went to century park hotel yesterday to look at the corner suite that is 120 sq meter. same size and also same price with orchid garden suite. ofcourse it would be nicer if i can get the hotel room from century diba ;) the room was ok. the room was spacious but not as big as the presidential suite of orchid garden. the corner suite has 1 bedroom. 1 toilet and bath and 1 toilet outside. sala and a pantry. so i guess i'll be getting the presidential suite at orchid garden na nga. have to pay the rooms tom or else i might not have a room to prepare in :)) ang pili kasi eh !!! :))

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i finished my bridal pen :) also my questionnaires and my misalette :)

we went to glorietta last sat and i bought the shoes na from milani. it look's white naman when i bought it pero when i looked at it at home. parang offwhite pala cya :)) oh well... i have to bring it to jun's shop to compare the color with the gown :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hehehe...only 25 days to go!!!!!! ahhhhrrrggggg!! nababaliw na me :)) i will be getting nalang the presidential suite of orchid garden suite in front of century park manila. the suite is sooooo big! it has 2 bedrooms, 1 big sala, dinning room and kitchen. the bathroom is so big and it has a veranda. ang ganda! i really loved it when i first saw it. although orchid suite is not a well know hotel but i guess it's ok. the price given to me is so worth it. ganda! newly renovated pa.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

we went to divisoria today. got the barong of malvin, and our invitaion from unifair. it was ok :) then we went to century park. waahhhh :(( nagprice increase sila :(( oh well, we got free pancit for every table and a free dessert. :) hayyy.....need to look for more money...hahaha.....about the room. there are still no available rooms on the oct 6th to 8th 'coz fortune tobacco daw has a convention daw and all the 300 rooms are reserved already. hayyy...i should have booked 3 months before!!! kainis!!!!!! anyways, ms. anna of century suggested the orchid garden suite in front of century. ok naman. malvin and i went there but we didn't get to see the rooms coz they are all occupied, so i guess i'll just go back there to look at the rooms. it's much cheaper and the rooms naman look ok. hmmm...i'll just post pictures :)
grabe!!!!!! today is sat (sept 9'06). we got stranded coz it rained real hard! you guys know naman here in manila, little rain lang up to waist na yung tubig :)) hahaha...anyways, since we cant go to any direction, i told my dad to fetch me at sm city. on the way there, we didn't see the water was really deep...parang submarine yung car ni malvin :)) so funny. but i was so scared kasi bigla lalim!!! it's a good thing malvin has a good reflex, he drove to the exit of sm. the cars kasi are all parked there 'coz of the heavy rain. magkaeyes to eyes kami nung iba car :)) hahaha...hayyy, what an experience :))

Thursday, September 07, 2006

kuya vice sent us the layout for the signature book :) pretty