Friday, July 28, 2006

hmmm.....i find the 1st set of feather pen too....feathery :)) hahaha...oh well.. this is much better and much cheaper too :) like it?

Monday, July 24, 2006

finally..after 3 days, it's finished!!!! hihihi....this will be our cord for the wedding. my fiance kept bugging me of just buying a simple maarte ako...ayaw ko nga :))
originally, i want it in gold but malvin said he wants it white...guess who won? :))

you want to order? pm nyo nalang me :) many colors to choose from.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hihihi...our motif is red-orange and gold. but i can't find a dark red feather so i guess i have to make 3 colors :) orange, red and gold or yellow. the pen cost 14.50 each, so i guess it's ok for our budget :) hayy... i have to make questionnaires pa to go with the pens :) and i still have to start on my cord. will post finish product :) hihihi....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

yesterday was our 5th year anniversary. hehehe...nakatiisa me for 5 years!!! :)) i went to his house to fetch him and chika chika kami ni mommy nya :) i told his mom the reason why i choose to marry malvin is because i know he wont have an affair. hehehe...his mom just laughed... :)) anyways, we just watch pirates of the carribean *the dead mans chest* then went to eat at le ching in greenhills :)) we can't choose kasi where to eat :)) then we walk a little and eat halo halo at chowking :)) what a celebration!! hahaha..its ok kasi we enjoyed naman each others company. i love my honey soooo much :)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

last july 1, was the birtday of my honey. for dinner, we ate at kamameshi at quezon city circle. it was the first time i would meet with his mom! hahaha...imagine for 5 years..o diba..kaya nyo yun! i don't want to elaborate on our situation basta that's how it is. :) the meeting went well....(as well as it can be :) ) and his mom naman is ok. kindhearted naman. i guess the reason why she is the way she is, is because of what happen to her and her family. i just hope in time, everything would turn out ok :)
i forgot to post here that i changed my photographer. aside from ritchie and len pingol living in alabang, which is sooo far from me, i'm having a hard time communicating with them (that's also a feedback from one of the w@wies that got them and also changed their photographer). when u txt them, they don't reply. u really have to call them up and sometimes they still don't answer. we were supposed to give them our downpayment and i told ritchie to meet with us half way or they can txt me if they are in manila so we can meet but he said since i went to their house last time to see his work, maybe i can go there again to give the payment.....hello!!!!!!!!!! kainis!!!! oh well, like i said to len pingol, i guess it's not meant to be. (kunwari mabait :))
anyways, i got kuya vice videography service (abeseqe production). he is very good :)
just 2 more months and i feel i haven't accomplished anything else :(( so sad :((